Eyelash Extension Refills

Refresh Your Look
and Extend the Life of Your Lashes

Extend the life of your lash extensions with our eyelash extension refill services and keep them looking full and beautiful!

Classic Eyelash
Extension Refill

Pricing: $90

Volume Eyelash
Extension Refill

Pricing: $105

Mega Volume Eyelash
Extension Refill

Pricing: $115

Hybrid Eyelash
Extension Refill

Pricing: $95

Wet Set Eyelash
Extension Refill

Pricing: $95

Strip Lash Style
Eyelash Extension Refill

Pricing: $105

Refill Eyelash Extensions

Don’t let your eyelash extensions lose their fullness and shape. Schedule a refill appointment today and keep your lashes looking beautiful! Our experienced lash technicians will add new extensions to fill in any gaps and replace any lashes that may have fallen out, leaving you with stunning, full lashes.

A lash tech at DeeVa LAB eyelash salon performs a lash extension refill.
A certified lash tech applies eyelash extensions in Philadelphia.

Classic Eyelash Extension Refills

Refresh Your Classic Look

Keep your classic lashes looking flawless with our Classic Eyelash Extension Refills. Ideal for maintaining the natural, elegant charm of your lashes.

Volume Eyelash Extension Refills

Revive Your Volume

Bring back the fullness with our Volume Eyelash Extension Refills, ensuring your lashes stay lush and dramatic.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Refills

Sustain the Drama

Mega Volume Eyelash Extension Refills keep your bold, high-impact look going strong.

Hybrid Eyelash Extension Refills

Hybrid Lashes Renewed

Rejuvenate your mixed style with Hybrid Eyelash Extension Refills for a continuous, balanced lash beauty.

Close up of wet set eyelash extensions, done by Philly lash tech Samaris at DeeVa LAB.

Wet Set Eyelash Extension Refills

Maintain the Gloss

Our Wet Set Eyelash Extension Refills ensure your lashes stay vibrant and fresh, preserving their unique glossy appeal.

Strip Lash Style Refill Extensions

Keep Your Custom Glam

Ensure your personalized strip lash style stays stunning with our Custom Strip Lash Style Extension Refills.

Refill Your Lashes
with Confidence

Our Eyelash Extension Refill services ensure your lashes always look their best. With expert care and precision, we maintain the beauty of your lash extensions. Discover answers to your questions about refills, upkeep, and more.

What are Eyelash Extension Refills?

Refills replace fallen lashes and maintain the fullness of your eyelash extensions, ensuring a consistently beautiful look.

How often should I get Eyelash Extension Refills?

Typically, refills are recommended every 2-4 weeks to keep your lashes looking fresh and full.

Can I switch lash styles during a refill?

Yes, refills can be a great opportunity to try a different lash style or volume.

Will refills damage my natural lashes?

No, when done professionally, refills maintain the health of your natural lashes.

How long does a refill appointment take?

Refill appointments usually take about an hour, depending on your lash style.

What should I do to prepare for a refill appointment?

Arrive with clean lashes and no eye makeup for the best results.

Can I get refills if my initial extensions weren’t done at DeeVa LAB?

Unfortunately, no. For best results, we prefer to work with lashes we’ve initially applied. Your option here would be to book our lash removal service, and then schedule a regular eyelash extension service.

What happens if I wait too long between refills?

If too much time passes, you may need a full new set of extensions rather than a refill.

Is there a difference in aftercare for refills versus initial extensions?

Aftercare for refills is similar to initial extensions: avoid water and steam for the first 48 hours and be gentle with your lashes.