Lash and Beauty Team

Meet Philadelphia’s finest in lash and beauty expertise at DeeVa LAB. Our team, renowned for their skill and creativity, is dedicated to elevating your beauty experience with personalized, top-tier services. Discover the artists behind your next stunning transformation.


Each member of our team brings a unique flair and expertise to the table. From the artistic finesse of our stylists to the meticulous skills of our beauty experts, get to know the passionate individuals dedicated to enhancing your beauty experience. We’re not just professionals; we’re artists, trendsetters, and above all, your trusted partners in beauty.

Dee: Fearless Leader and World Traveler

Dee, the spirited owner of DeeVa LAB, excels in eyelash extensions and teeth whitening. With roots in Boston and a love for Philly’s buzz, she’s as adventurous as her professional horse racer mom. Dee’s a globe-trotter, a doting pit bull mom, and a handbag enthusiast, bringing flair and fun to every beauty session.

Dee's Lash Portfolio

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Licensed Philadelphia esthetician and makeup artist Amanda reveals a glowing smile for the camera at DeeVa LAB Lash and Beauty Salon.

Amanda: Skincare Maven and Tequila Enthusiast

Amanda, our seasoned esthetician and makeup pro, brings over a decade of skincare wisdom to DeeVa LAB. Known fondly as Mandy, this Capricorn is a true Tequila aficionado and never says no to a taco night. Her expertise in skincare makes her a trusted beauty confidant, blending professional know-how with a vibrant, fun-loving spirit.

Amanda's Makeup Portfolio

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Samaris: Lash and Brow Virtuoso with a Cereal Twist

Samaris, our Aries lash and brow artist, excels in crafting eye and brow styles that naturally enhance your features. With a passion for entrepreneurship and beauty transformation, she’s also a cereal enthusiast, often swapping dinner for her favorite bowl. When not weaving her magic at DeeVa LAB, she’s a devoted mom to two French bulldogs, embodying the perfect blend of professional skill and quirky charm.

Top Philadelphia hair stylist Zachary poses for a picture at DeeVa LAB.

Zachary: Tape-In Extension Wizard and Styling Maestro

Zachary, our versatile hair stylist, delights in everything from creative cuts to vibrant colors. His specialty lies in Tape-In Hair Extensions and revitalizing hair to its healthiest state. A Capricorn known as ‘Growing Hands,’ Zachary’s touch is like a growth potion for hair. When he’s not styling, he enjoys smooth hookah sessions and sports a distinctively sharp pinky nail, a signature style statement.

Kay: Nail Art Innovator and Culinary Creator

Kay, our licensed nail virtuoso, is a maestro of intricate nail designs and transformative pedicures. An Aries with a deep passion represented by her angel number 444, she’s not just a nail artist but a culinary enthusiast too. When not dazzling with nail art, Kay is a devoted dog mom to Harlie, her pit bull, and loves staying active and whipping up culinary delights.

Top Philadelphia nail tech Kay poses for a picture at DeeVa LAB.
Sheimiley, DeeVa LAB's body waxing master, smiles for the camera at the salon's Philadelphia photo shoot.

Sheimiley: Waxing Master and Proud Momma

Sheimiley, our full-body waxing expert, excels in making clients of all shapes and sizes feel at ease. With over two years in the waxing world, she brings comfort and confidence to every session. A Capricorn with a talent for organization, she also has culinary school credentials, making her an amazing cook. A proud mother of two girls, Sheimiley’s caring nature extends beyond the salon, creating a warm, welcoming vibe.

Carolie: The Pink-Loving Beauty Prodigy

Carolie, our versatile beauty specialist, dazzles in nails, makeup, and hair artistry. A Scorpio with a love for all things pink, she’s the cherished youngest of four, infusing her work with a blend of innovation and charm. When not transforming looks at DeeVa LAB, she’s jet-setting, imagining a world as pink and vivacious as her personality.

Licensed DeeVa LAB nail tech and cosmetologist Carolie poses for a picture.