Our Story Begins in Philly,
the City that Started it All

In Philadelphia, where the spark of liberty ignited, DeeVa LAB found its genesis. Our salon was born amidst the city’s historic roots, and echoes Philly’s spirit of freedom and innovation.

About Us: DeeVa LAB

Lashes, Aesthetics, Beauty: Ladies About Business

At DeeVa LAB, our journey is a testimony to the quest for beauty and self-expression. Anchored by Dee, our founder whose profound passion for eyelash extensions transcends into empowering her fellow divas to flourish as entrepreneurs, we’ve evolved into a sanctuary offering a full spectrum of beauty services. The essence of our name, DeeVa LAB, intertwines Dee’s identity with a diva’s spirit, unfolding as a haven for Lashes, Aesthetics, and Beauty, while also encapsulating the vigor of who we are: Ladies About Business, symbolizing a blend of beauty and entrepreneurial grit that’s unique to the City of Philadelphia.

Dee, the owner of DeeVa LAB, holds a key on the opening day of the Philadelphia lash and beauty salon.