Lash Extension
Aftercare Bundle Kit



Discover the secret to prolonging the life of your lash set. Our meticulously crafted aftercare kit ensures your lashes stay vibrant and secure between touch-ups. Comprising five essential products, this kit is a culmination of years of expertise, ensuring optimal lash health and impressive retention.


Lash Bonder: A post-application must-have. After setting or washing your lashes, apply a drop using a microfiber applicator to the lash roots, reducing adhesive fumes and ensuring optimal curing.

Luxe Lash Cleanser: A luxurious foamy formula that gently lifts dirt, makeup, and oils, alleviating any itchiness and restoring your lashes’ fluffy allure.

Dual Brush/Spoolie: Deep clean with the soft bristle side and fluff your lashes with the spooly as they dry.

Rechargeable Stand-alone Fan: Features three adjustable speeds ensuring your lashes dry perfectly.

Rinser: Elevate your lash cleaning routine with efficient rinsing.