Ultimate Lash
Retention Bundle



Empower your lash clients with unmatched retention. Curated from years of experience, this kit envelops six of our top products, promising enduring and healthy lash sets between your appointments.

Inside the Kit:

True Hold Pro Adhesive: 5mL, Quick-drying (0.5-1 Second), Long-lasting (6-8 weeks). Ideal use in Temp/Humidity: 72-86 F, 40-70%. Carbon Black.

Lash Bonder: Secure and reduce adhesive fumes for healthier lash extensions.

Luxe Lash Cleanser: Maintain pristine lashes free from impurities and itchiness.

Dual Brush/Spoolie: Achieve deeper cleansing and perfect drying.

Rechargeable Stand-alone Fan: Ensure optimal drying with three speeds.