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Get amazing Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia at Deeva LAB. Choose from Classic, Volume, Mega Volume, Hybrid, and Wet Set lash styles to boost your look. Elevate your beauty and book your lash transformation today!


Get stunning classic, volume, mega volume, hybrid, and wet set eyelash extensions now.

Eyelash Extension

Maintain classic, volume, mega volume, hybrid, and wet set eyelash extensions with ease.

Lash Lift
and Tint

Experience beautifully curled, tinted, and well-maintained eyelashes effortlessly.

The Deeva LAB Difference

Custom Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia

At Deeva LAB, eyelash extensions are always a custom experience. Our sets do more than just enhance your looks—they boost your self-assurance: we’re number one in Philly for eyelash extensions that not only highlight your natural beauty but also make you feel like your ultimate self.

Stunning Lashes, Just for You

Say goodbye to cheap falsies and drugstore eyelashes! Our extensions epitomize luxury and safety. Made from superior, cruelty-free synthetic fibers, they undergo a unique treatment to maintain their curl for weeks on end.

Our Commitment to Your Health and Satisfaction is Paramount

We tailor each set to your individual beauty (not to what we’re trying to sell), selecting the ideal length and volume to ensure the lashes enhance without overwhelming your natural ones.

Ready to overhaul your look? Check out our customized lash services below to find your style and experience the Deeva LAB difference today!

Treat Yourself

Pay Less for Luxury Eyelash Extensions

New clients at Deeva LAB can now enjoy 10% off all full set eyelash extension in Philadelphia. Existing clients already benefit from exclusive discounts, but this special offer ensures everyone can experience top-tier luxury at an unbeatable price. Use coupon code DEEVA at checkout to treat yourself to stunning lashes today!

Our Eyelash Extension Reviews

A Lash Love Affair

See what our clients are raving about! Read the reviews below (click to read full review on Google) to discover why Philly is obsessed with Deeva LAB’s lash extensions.

Ami A.
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I had never gotten my lashes done before but decided to do so for my wedding. This experience was beyond anything I expected because my lashes are still intact 3 weeks later and I'm still getting compliments on them. I 100% recommend Deeva LAB to anyone who has doubts about fake lashes because they look so natural I was asked which mascara I was wearing. Would give 10 out of 5 if I could! And Dee is so professional!
Alexis C.
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I’ve been coming to Dee for lash extensions for years and I haven’t gone to another lash tech since! My lashes always look gorgeous, but most importantly they LAST because of her attention to detail. I’ve tried a few different places before her and even if they looked nice, they wouldn’t last more than a week. Dee keeps notes on each client for things like lash styles and what type of glue they use to make sure everyone’s experience is personalized.
Es R.
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Got the strip lash extension set in a cat eye style with spikes today and I love them so much! I have found a place that I can trust. And they have so many other services that I want to get done too, so I am so excited for future appointments. Can't wait to work on more self love and care here. Dee was amazing and so kind! She did a lovely job!
Nicole H.
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I have been getting my lashes done for years already. I just moved to the area and made an appointment with Deeva Lab for a classic set of lashes. Walking in, the ambiance was so comfortable, welcoming, and relaxed. Super clean which is so important for a salon. I am impressed! Dee did my lash set and she was amazing. I highly recommend this place to everyone! This will be my new, go-to spot for everything beauty in the Philly area.

Personalized Lashes, Perfected

Eyelashes in Motion, Eyelashes in Design

Experience the artistry of personalized lashes in Philadelphia. Whether you desire dynamic, eye-catching designs or elegant, natural enhancements, our skilled lash technicians will bring your vision to life. Explore our range of eyelash extension styles and let your lashes be a masterpiece in motion.

Full Set Eyelash Extensions

Life's Too Short for Boring Lashes

Dare to be different with a unique lash look from Deeva LAB that reflects your individuality and makes your eyes unforgettable.

The Wispy Set

Our most requested eyelash extensions for a textured, spikey look. Customize the fullness and length based on preference. Enhances your eye shape but may not suit very sparse or fine lashes.

The Back To Basics Set

Choose simple lash extensions for a classic look. This set offers hybrid or volume options with mappings like cat eye, doll eye, or natural set. Ideal for those preferring traditional styles over textured or wispy looks.

The Mega Impact Set

For a dramatic, voluminous lash look, choose our Mega Impact lash extensions. They provide the fullest, most dramatic effect, perfect for making a bold statement. Ideal for those seeking maximum volume.

The Freestyle Set

Unsure of what you want? Our Freestyle lashes are customized by expert artists to suit your eye shape and enhance your face. Perfect for those who find it overwhelming to choose a specific style.

The Strip Lash Style Set

Mimic the sultry, glamorous look of strip lashes with our Strip Lash Style extensions. These dramatic lashes are tailored to your eye shape and natural lash health, offering a bold and glamorous appearance.

The Mascara Wet Set

Achieve a low-maintenance, everyday look with Wet Mascara-look lashes. Mimicking natural lashes with a wet mascara effect, this set offers lengths from natural to long, enhancing your eye shape and features effortlessly.

Which Extensions Align with Your Eye Shape and Style?

Need a little help finding your lash groove? No worries, you can browse the section below to find the perfect extensions for your eye shape. You can also count on Samaris and Tatiana to provide expert, one-to-one guidance when you come in!

What eyelash extension style suits almond-shaped eyes?

Almond eyes are versatile and suit a variety of styles. A cat-eye look with longer lashes at the outer corners can accentuate their natural upturn.

How do I choose eyelash extensions for round eyes?

A dolly look with longer lashes in the middle can create a more elongated appearance, adding dimension to round eyes.

What styles work for hooded eyes?

Open-eye styles with longer lashes at the center can help create a lifted, more open appearance for hooded eyes.

Can eyelash extensions suit monolid eyes? Title

Absolutely! A natural or open-eye style can add definition and create a fuller look for monolid eyes.

What eyelash extensions are suitable for small eyes?

Opt for shorter, curled extensions to open up and emphasize small eyes.

How do eyelash extensions enhance deep-set eyes?

Longer extensions bring depth, making the eyes more prominent.

Eyelash Extension Refills

Lashes Renewed, Beauty Refreshed

Step into the rejuvenating essence of our eyelash extension refill services. Whether you seek to revive the bold allure or maintain the subtle charm of your lashes, we’re here to seamlessly renew your look. Explore our array of refill options and let your lashes speak volumes anew.

Lash Refill Services

Refills should be done within 2-3 weeks of your last appointment. This timing is required for it to be considered a refill. Refills fill in gaps and remove grown-out lashes. If over 3 weeks, book the “Refill Plus” or choose one of the “Full Set” options.

The Wispy Set:
Lash Refill

The Back To Basics Set:
Lash Refill

The Mega Impact Set:
Lash Refill

The Freestyle Set:
Lash Refill

The Strip Lash Style Set:
Lash Refill

The Mascara Wet Set:
Lash Refill

How Do Refill Extensions Renew Your Lush Look?

In lashes, the journey doesn’t end at the first flutter; it evolves.

What are eyelash extension refills?

Refills involve adding new extensions to replace those that have fallen out over time.

Why should I get eyelash extension refills?

To maintain a full, lush appearance and extend the life of your eyelash extensions.

How often should I get refills?

Typically every 2-4 weeks, depending on your lash growth cycle and care.

Are refills quicker than a full set application?

Yes, refills usually take less time as fewer lashes are applied.

Is the refill process harmful to my natural lashes?

No, when done professionally, refills preserve the health of your natural lashes.

Can I change lash styles during a refill appointment?

Yes, discuss with your technician for a style change during refills.

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