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Unlock your potential in the beauty industry in Philadelphia with DeeVa LAB’s comprehensive training programs. Dive deep into the art of lash extensions or become a pro in body waxing. Our hands-on approach and expert guidance pave the way for your success.

Lash On, Lash Out:
Lash with Us

Lash Training

Elevate Your Lash Skills

Jumpstart your career with our expert Lash Training and Certification program. Designed for aspiring lash artists, this course offers in-depth training in the latest lash extension techniques, ensuring you’re equipped with the skills for success.

Master everything from classic to volume lash applications.

Gain recognized credentials to boost your career.

Learn from industry leaders with hands-on training.

Lash training and certification in Philadelphia at DeeVa LAB.

Wax On, Wax Off:
Wax like a Boss

Body waxing training and certification in Philadelphia at DeeVa LAB.

Body Waxing Training

Master the Art of Waxing

Transform your beauty expertise with our Body Waxing Master Class. This intensive program covers all aspects of professional waxing, from technique to client care, setting you up as a waxing expert.

Learn waxing for all body areas, including sensitive zones.

Develop a gentle, efficient waxing approach.

Earn a qualification that elevates your professional standing.

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