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Launch a career in body waxing with our comprehensive Master Class. Led by DeeVa LAB’s waxing expert Sheimiley, and designed for those aspiring to become waxing specialists, this course offers in-depth training, from Brazilian to Bikini waxing, and includes the unique vajacial waxing technique. Transform your skills and confidence with our expert-led program.

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Learn Comprehensive Waxing Techniques in Philly

Our Body Waxing Master Class covers a wide range of waxing methods, ensuring participants are adept in various techniques. From delicate bikini areas to full-body waxing, our curriculum is designed to provide a thorough understanding of each procedure, catering to a diverse clientele.

Experience real-life scenarios with our hands-on training approach, enabling you to perfect your technique under professional guidance.

Learn the art of vajacial waxing, an increasingly popular service that combines waxing with intimate-area skincare, offering clients a complete grooming experience.

Graduate with confidence, knowing you have ongoing support and resources to help you start your waxing career.

Body waxing training and certification in Philadelphia at DeeVa LAB.

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