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Embrace a flourishing career in the beauty industry with our specialized Lash Training and Certification. Tailored for beginners and seasoned stylists alike, our program offers the perfect blend of theory and practical expertise, setting you on the path to becoming an eyelash extension master.

Lash On, Lash Out:
Lash like a Boss

Expert Training for Aspiring Philadelphia Lash Artists

Learn critical foundations in lash health and safety, master diverse styles from classic to mega volume, and gain crucial business skills for client growth and retention.

Understand the basics of lash anatomy, health, and safety.

Dive deep into various lash styles, from classic to mega volume.

Gain essential tips on building and maintaining a client base.

Lash training and certification in Philadelphia at DeeVa LAB.

Who Should Enroll?

Ideal for aspiring lash artists, seasoned beauty professionals diversifying their skills, or anyone captivated by the art of lash extensions. This course is your gateway to mastering lash artistry.

Unique Program Features

Get hands-on with real-world scenarios, discover top-tier industry products, and enjoy lasting post-certification support for continual growth and success.

Engage in real-world application with professional guidance.

Learn about the best tools and products in the industry.

Benefit from ongoing mentorship and community support.

Expert Marketing Insights
for Aspiring Lash Entrepreneurs

In our Lash Training and Certification program, we go beyond just technical skills. A pivotal part of our curriculum is dedicated to mastering the art of marketing for your future eyelash extension business. We’re thrilled to partner with Salon Agility, a renowned salon marketing agency, to bring you cutting-edge strategies for building a successful salon.

Core Marketing Topics Covered

  • Building a Strong Online Presence: Learn how to create an engaging salon website that attracts clients.
  • Leveraging SEO for Salons: Discover the power of SEO, including optimizing your Google Business Profile, to increase your salon’s visibility online.
  • Efficient Booking and Management: Understand the integration of seamless online booking systems, client reminders, and automated payments.

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